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Pathu Masam Enna Sumanthu Lyrics

Amma Feeling Song Lyrics, I feel this song my dear friends...
No one is nigar for mother :-

What did you carry for ten months, mother?
Everything is just before your love
Mother, give all your blood to milk and grow potti
Your love is just a third time
This ant is the mother who cut off the belly of the antom of the mother
My eyes sleep, without water, without water, mother has grown up with milk and rice.
Your love is just the third of your love. Your love is just a third.
I have caught all the other side and told me
After drinking the cage of Anna, the rice was overflowing with rice
If you cut the art, you have given the leg of the leg.
I bought a little bit and gave me a few
If I want to see for some time, there is a lot of tension... Amma ahhh......
Rachel come and I didn't drink the kashayatta
Eight places told that my child is collector
Mother, what did you do to read even mother?
I am not able to sing you mother
You would have turned in front of your feet soil just
Drunk Dad has been beaten up
Goporama, I am bearing the horrible thing
Five interest ten interest loan here
Oh God, you and I am not able to read
Mother, if the suffering is enough, if you leave in three half of them.. Mother....
If you build a silk cradle you cut green bamboo
The one who told me to taste the mouth of someone
What a small thing that was carried in the work _ basket
What a prosperous mother _ fed with milk, I have come to pour milk for you, sinner's son is just...
Amma is god